“Outstanding folks.  They have a lot of knowledge and present it in a manner that is easy to understand”.
Keith, May 9, 2017
“Our experience with Lambert Elder Care has been professional and helpful as to preparing me and my wife for our future financial care needs.  He explains his reasoning for what he believes will be our best method to be able to face the future without worry for both us and our family members. I believe working with Bob has been a pleasure and would be beneficial for you and your family.”
Jack, May 31, 2017
“Very thorough and efficient!”
Reginald, May 31, 2017
“Our experience with Lambert Elder Care Law has been very positive.  They have been very helpful and supportive in every area where we had questions and concerns.  What was an overwhelming experience has been made much easier. They are all friendly and have made us feel very comfortable. They are greatly appreciated for all of their services”.
Peggy, June 12, 2017
“Several years ago my wife and I created a trust and wills in a different state. Now retired in Texas, and in our eighties, we decided to update our documents. After meeting with Bob at Lambert Elder Care Law we were impressed with the depth of his knowledge. He provided a valuable and thorough assessment of, not only our desires, but our needs as well. We are greatly comforted by the protection encompassed in our new documents and more than satisfied with the results of their work. With many thanks our gratitude is expressed, not only to Bob, but to the thoughtful and courteous staff of Lambert Elder Care Law as well.”
George and Rosalie, August 28, 2017
“When we first received the invitation in the mail from LAMBERT ELDER CARE LAW my husband thought it would be a waste of our time. We were already preparing to protect our assets on our own. However, within the first few minutes of Bob Lambert’s presentation a light bulb went off. We were making a few mistakes and it could cost us dearly. Our entire nest egg could be drained, and leave nothing for our children and grandchildren. Each family and situation is unique and so should be your care plan. We now have peace of mind about our future and our children’s.”
Shirley, September 28, 2017