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Our law practice is unique from other Elder Law firms in that we employ a team of professional attorneys, elder care coordinators, registered nurses and public benefit specialists to address every need of our clients. Our team is committed to providing compassionate, caring advice and planning for Seniors and their families throughout South Georgia and Central Texas. We take great pride in helping our clients maintain their dignity and independence in the event of incapacity, and help them protect their assets from government taxes and long term care costs thereby preserving a legacy for their loved ones.


Our focus is “elder centered” rather than “asset centered”. The Life Care Plan concentrates on the needs and desires of Seniors, in addition to estate, Medicaid and asset protection planning, and those wishing to accomplish more thorough, efficient planning for eventual disability faced by all Seniors. Our primary purpose is to accomplish 4 specific goals through proper planning:


1) Keep you out of institutional care;
2) Assist you with finding suitable housing IF you can no longer stay at home;
3) Assist you with proper planning for advanced age, limited mobility, and possible disability so you never go broke; and
4) Assist you with proper planning so you never become a burden.


We believe that with proper planning, we can do more than simply help you determine who gets your property after you die. We assist you with planning for the journey by packing the car, plotting the journey on the map, fine tuning the vehicle, and planning each detailed stop along the way to make the trip as safe, comfortable, and as pleasant as possible.


Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey. Please give us a call or come by for a visit.

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