Marcy Morgan

Senior Legal Assistant, Trust Funding Administrator

Marcy works closely with all our clients assisting them with trust documents, drafting deeds and trust funding.  She is often one of the first people in the office a client will work with to compile the information required for their trust, wills and other documents, as well as assisting them with the funding of their newly established trust.

She brings to the practice a world of knowledge from her long-standing career in banking and law enforcement administration, as well as her previous experience working with a real estate attorney. She has a combined total of 30 years’ experience, and is also bilingual, which helps our clients who are Spanish-speaking. 

Marcy grew up in Hialeah, Florida where she lived until 1987 when the family moved to Lake Park, Georgia.  She and her husband, Jeff, have four grown children and four grandchildren.  They enjoy fishing, hunting and camping with the family in their spare time.